Nieuw teamlid: Elisabeth Lamarque

We zijn heel blij dat Elisabeth Lamarque tot het bestuur is toegetreden. Ze maakt voor ons promotiemateriaal en treedt op als ambassadeur voor SAHFA. Ook doet ze mee aan het testen van de JamboMama! app.

Hieronder wat meer informatie over Elisabeth, in het Engels:

Elisabeth has attended a business school and spent 30 years of her working life in eye surgery, rheumatology and aesthetic surgery and medicine. She occupied strategic posts which enabled her to learn the ins and outs of the key sectors of entreprise: commerce, finance, rules and regulations and management. Ten years at the management of an export service allowed her to travel widely and meet and work with people from various cultural backgrounds, which she found most rewarding. She has an iron will, looks at the sunny side of things, is dynamic, a strategic thinker, passionate and keen on bringing people together. These are her main personality attributes.
Her strong organisational capacity and human resource management ability are her strongest assets in the work place. 
Elisa is a woman with her heart in the right place who dares to commit herself to a cause.

We are lucky that she chose SAHFA and its JamboMama! project for this honour, to make us benefit from her long and rich professional experience. JamboMama!, she explained, reflects the cause closest to her heart: that of women worldwide. 
She feels a strong urge in her deepest self, after years of working in the business world, to put her competencies and experience at the service of a humanitarian cause, to help others achieve sustainable development that includes women in societies where they are left out, come last, or are even forgotten. In her own words: “This commitment to a cause I embrace also makes me feel as if that cause embraces me. We all ask ourselves sooner or later why we are on this earth. For me, this question has now been answered.
The time has come for me to give back to others what life has offered me till now, because I happened to be born in a privileged society.”

Welkom Elisa en veel dank voor je energieke steun, je toewijding, optimisme, efficiëntie en professionalisme!

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